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Open the Gates! New American-Jewish Music for Prayer, Vol. 1

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Open the Gates!

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A compilation CD of American-Jewish “heart music,”
both intimate and exuberant,
and meditation

Shlomo Carlebach  
Debbie Friedman *  Craig Taubman
Fabrangen Fiddlers * Diaspora Yeshiva Band
Liz Swados * Kenny G

“a terrific representation of new American-Jewish prayer music, ranging from the a cappella stylings of Beat'achon and the soulful music of Regesh to Appalachian mountain music, banjo-laced 'rabbinical rock,' and the Jewish pop-jazz of Kenny G and Bruce Benson. For anyone interested in keeping up with trends in Jewish music, it is essential listening.”

— Seth Rogovoy, Berkshire Jewish Voice

Jewish bluegrass & Jewish country
Jewish “world music”
English & Hebrew Hasidic chants
a cappella harmony singing

plus:  “New Wings for Our Prayers” — reflections on Jewish soul music today

“There are intensely beautiful gems in this collection of Jewish songs. If you are not Jewish, if you do not understand one single word being sung, you will feel the sorrow, the hope, the joy of generations past — Such is the gift of this music.”

— Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) 

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1 Adonai S'fatai - Craig Taubman
2 S'fatai Tiftach - Hanna Tiferet Siegel
3 Ilu Finu - Linda Hirschhorn
4 Beyond Twelve Gates - Michael Shapiro
5 Lechah Dodi - Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin
6 Woman of Valor - Elizabeth Swados
7 Eishet Chayil - Beat'achon
8 Shalom Aleichem - S. Brazil/Regesh
9 Yismechu - R. Solomon/Safam
10 Eits Chayim - Tanchum Portnoy
11 Mi Chamochah - Kenny G/Bruce Benson
12 Yibaneh - Fabrangen Fiddlers
13 Pitchu Li - Y. Rosenzweig/Diaspora Yeshiva Band
14 Hallelukah - A. Weinreb & J. Goodman/Kolos
15 Hinei Keil Y'shuasi - B. Chait/Dveykus
16 Birchot Havdalah - Debbie Friedman
17 Ein Keilokeinu - Shlomo Carlebach
18 Adon Olam - M. Rabinowitz/Shir Hadash
To sample tracks or buy the CD, click here to go to my CD Baby page

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